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Mexico March 2001

South of the Border Down Mexico Way

photo of Puerto Vallarta Sunrise photo of Puerto Vallarta Sunrise
Sunrise Over
Puerto Vallarta
The Puerto Vallarta

photo of a man on a donkey photo of a tequila still
Being Greated at the
Zuniga Tequila Factory
The Still at the
Zuniga Tequila Factory

photo of local musicians Photo of street traffic

Local street musicians

Local traffic
along the Malicon

photo of the Malicon Photo of a Puerto Vallarta sunset

Along the Malicon
in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta sunset
at Carlos O'Brian's

photo of a Church
Our Lady of
Puerto Vallarta
a photo inside the church

photo of San Jose town square photo of the San Jose church
The town square
in San Jose
The Church
in San Jose

photo of the inside of the church photo of a Mexican child
The inside of the
San Jose church
Mexican child

photo of the Mazatlan skyline Photo of the Elation Docked in Mazatlan

Mazatlan skyline

The Elation
docked in Mazatlan

photo of the Elation at anchor photo of Cabo San Lucas Harbour
The Elation at anchor
in Cabo San Lucas
The Harbour
at Cabo San Lucas

photo of The Kalidiscope photo of a whale breaching
The Kalidiscope
our Whale Watching boat
A whale breaching
and blowing water

photo of Los Arcos Photo of a sunset

Los Arcos
at lands end

Sunset from the
ships railing

photo of the Elation photo of animals made from towels
The Elation
made from towels

photo of Elations Way photo of the Midnight Buffet
Elations Way
along the Promenade deck
An Ice Carving
at the Gala Buffet

photo of Rick and Carrene Photo of Rick Carrene and

Carrene and Rick

Mexico 10 years ago
do we look any younger?
photo our waiter and assistant waiter

Our 'Waiter Dan'
and 'Assistant waiter Gabor'

photo of our group with our waiter and assistant waiter

Our Dinner Group with our 'Waiter Dan'
and 'Assistant waiter Gabor'

(sorry this is so dark
but the waiter took it from to far away)

Internal Gears