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Mexico March 2000

photo of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta on a hot sunny afternoon...

photo of the Elation photo of me with 2 eguanas

The Elation
docked at night

Me hob-nobbing
with the locals

photo of the 'Elaton'docked in Mazatlan Photo of 'Los Arcos'

the 'Elation docked
in Mazatlan

'Los Arcos' (lands end)
at Cabo San Lucas

photo of a luggage tag
Cliff Diver
photo of a cliff diver

photo of 'Cabo San Lucas'

The harbour at 'Cabo San Lucas'...

photo of our group with our waiter and assistant waiter

Our group with our 'Waiter Jose'
and 'Assistant waiter Marcos'

internal gears